What reality do you have for CPI?

Today’s news from our Fed to keep low interest rates until 2014 just spurred my need to blog after a “too-long-absence” ~ a belated Happy New Year to you & your family! Hau’oli Makahiki Hou 2012! Following up with that news, they proceed to tell us that our long term inflation rate will be 2%. […]

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Recessionary 3rd Quarter Notes

“Occupy Wall Street” occupies far too much of the news media these days. I thought a tax planning reminder would be a good way to get my attention off those un-enlightened individuals who are wasting more of our tax dollars forcing cities to have to clean up after their often rude and disrespectful behavior. It’s always […]

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A Much-Needed Reminder

Are You Kidding Me??? On this 10th anniversary of 9/11, I hope you agree that this is outrageous on so many fronts! (not sure of this message’s origin but it was sent to me by a friend, Bonnie O’Neil so she gets credit for it.) Surely you’ve heard by now that NY Mayor Bloomberg is […]

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Bad News, Good News

Sept. 2, 2011 Jobs Report: In reponse to the zero job growth, White House economic advisor Gene Sperling said, “This president doesn’t think this is anywhere near enough”. A survey of economists agreed – they had expected more than 70,000 new jobs. So what was your first clue, Mr. President?? His Labor Secretary, Hilda Solis […]


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News vs. Opinions

“Wild ride” is an understated description for the last couple of weeks in the markets! As a dear friend of mine asked, “Don’t things wobble just before they fall over?” If you read, watch, or listen to pundits & journalists, you can pretty much find an opinion for every direction or thought! Therefore, my general conclusion […]

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What If….?

Income taxes were increased to 70% or more? This may be more of a reality than some people think. Many young people have only lived under relatively low tax rates, but some of us remember the burden of high progressive tax rates. [see chart here:] fed_individual_rate_history-june2010 Would you know how this would impact your retirement cashflow? Will your […]

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It’s only Monday, Mr. Mom

Moms have the most important job in America! They are often under-rated, under-appreciated, and overlooked as an occupation, but my respect goes out to all you stay-at-home moms! And let us not forget to honor the single moms, who have a huge task in the challenge to raise up great people! As a country music […]

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Early thoughts on 2010 tax filing

As I started organizing for my annual 1040 meeting, my A.D.D. kicked in so I’m sharing some tidbits with anyone who “just had to know the latest IRS confoundings”… Did you know that this year’s filing deadline is April 18th? It’s due to an obscure holiday observed in Washington D.C. ~ “Emancipation Day”. So to […]

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Did God say “Estate Planning”?

Many years ago, I was questioning whether my calling was to remain in the financial and estate planning business. The answer seemed to come to me during a bible study and this verse: A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children, But the wealth of the sinner is stored up for the righteous. […]

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