Planning & Services

Ali’i Financial Consulting offers a broad range of services, developing strategies for retirement, wealth transfer, and business exit or succession planning. We offer solutions that integrate tax efficiency with your goals. Custom-designed Social Security planning, guaranteed income plans, and insurance programs are available through full brokerage offerings. We’ll also help you prepare for the future with consulting on IRA account options, 401(k) plan design, FDIC savings options, Medicaid planning, and other unique planning approaches. We know you may have a lot of questions. Here are some of the ways we can help:



How much capital do I really need to retire comfortably?
Besides inflation, what contingencies might affect my budget?

Many financial planning guidelines suggest using a percentage of your working income to provide for retirement. Is this realistic for you? What will you really want your retired lifestyle to look like—is it all about vacations, hobbies and grandkids; or do you want the ability to give back during the second half of your life? How would significant increased inflation affect your plans? What about an unexpected medical crisis? What happens if one spouse/partner dies?

Have you had this conversation with yourself? We can help guide you through a meaningful journey to enable you to discover your core desires, and put a plan in motion that will give you the peace of mind to live out those dreams.



You’ve worked years to build your business and now enjoy the fruits of your success and hard work!  As you look ahead, there is a horizon called “Retirement or What Will I Do Next?”  Have you planned an exit strategy?  What is the value of my interest in the business?

How will you transfer or sell your business?  Where will the funds come from if a child (children), or key employee want to take over?  If you have partners, what happens if one of you dies, gets disabled, goes through a divorce, gets sued, or just wants to leave?

These are just a few of the issues to address in building a succession plan. And all of your plans should be coordinated to work perfectly with your estate plan as well. We can help you move through the process and get to a place of confidence in knowing “what happens when…?”


What are the best tools for my specific needs?

Arm yourself with the resources to understand which products meet your needs and which you can do without. Awareness and education are the best defenses against being sold products which may not fit your unique situation. Our goal is to create savvy consumers who know exactly why they have each product or tool in their plan.



Does my old insurance policy still meet my needs?

How long has it been since you last reviewed your insurance program? Do your policies still cover your current contingencies, and are they designed to perform in this prolonged low-interest environment? Some people have old but valuable dividend-paying contracts, which are targets for replacement by unscrupulous salespeople. Are you aware of the many new options in policies that provide multiple offerings beyond just death benefits—including chronic illness, critical illness, long-term care and disability—all for the same dollar?

We are staying abreast of the ever-changing insurance industry to ensure you have access to the most beneficial plan designs. Let us show you how to save on premium costs without sacrificing important coverages.



What exactly is estate planning anyway? Is it for me?

Especially under the current exemption of $12,920,000, most people think estate planning is something only a privileged few need to consider. On the contrary, a well-planned estate can help those in a wide variety of financial situations to navigate the hurdles of red tape which surround even the simplest wills, trusts, final arrangements and powers of attorney.

Everyone has a plan, whether it’s written or not. Do you understand yours? Have you protected your heirs from losses resulting from lawsuit, divorce or sibling rivalry? In our litigious society, an entire inheritance can be destroyed in just one legal dispute—not to mention the assets that can be lost to income taxes on retirement assets, and the potential “living death” of long term care needs. The recent and ever-changing legislation requires you to maintain a flexible plan design to adapt to these changes.

How much thought have you put into the legacy you’re leaving for your children and grandchildren? The average professional spends about two hours with a client planning for an estate that’s taken thirty years to build. We know it takes more than a rush job to do your plan justice. We are dedicated to educating you on your options and helping you understand the complexities, and will work side-by-side with your attorney so you can feel confident that your plan will achieve all you intend for it.



How am I ever going to get through this?

During a time of loss and grieving, the need to settle a loved one’s estate is still on a timetable. We recognize that it can be trying if not impossible to wade through all those tiresome tasks and legalese when you’re dealing with a painful personal loss.

No matter how much or how little assistance you may need, we can provide the support and guidance to get you through the chore of closing out an estate. Let us ease the burdens of sorting financial matters, funding various trusts, facilitating probate and beyond, so you can get back to focusing on what’s truly important.