“As the Executor of my father’s estate, I did not think it would be that difficult to handle what needed to be done, and began the complex task of organizing and processing the myriad forms to be submitted to courts, the IRS, accountants, etc. After months of trying to do it myself, with my siblings depending on me to “get the job done,” having absolutely no free time anymore, and working full time, I realized I needed to find someone to help.

“Fortunately, I was referred to Lynn for help. Although we are in different states, Lynn worked with a local attorney to get me through probate. Then she went to work on the frustrating paperwork to settle everything else within reasonable costs & time. Her knowledge of what was needed, combined with her honesty and ease in communication, saved me another year and the stress of struggling on my own!

“If not for Lynn at Ali’i Financial, my father’s estate would still remain in limbo! I will recommend her services with complete confidence.”

Brent K., Honolulu, HI


“Lynn began as our financial advisor, but soon became much more. Her expertise and knowledge in financial matters was extensive. Our first priority was to get out of debt. Lynn helped us with a budget, and a new cash flow plan to get us back on track. She offered many different options, e.g. possible potential tax savings, to assist us in achieving this goal. Every detail of this process was conducted in a professional manner, while also displaying an understanding of the personal struggles we were facing. Her research, guidance and patience was greatly appreciated.

“We also sought out Lynn’s help in putting together a family trust and estate plan. We had started the process online, but quickly became confused and frustrated. We called in Lynn to save the day. She not only facilitated an attorney’s service and guidance; she posed questions and concerns we had not even considered. Through proper review and revisions, Lynn brought our family legacy plan together. She definitely had our best interest in mind and covered our backs.

“Today, we are debt free and confident in knowing our financial future is bright. We would, and will enlist the services and advice of Lynn again, as our lives and financial choices continue to change.”

G.B., Laguna Niguel, CA


“I didn’t think I needed a financial advisor, but after working with Lynn I wished I’d done so much, much sooner. She did an amazing job for me, and now I can rest knowing that my plan is working for me in the best possible way. I highly recommend Lynn, she is trustworthy, well informed and can help you avoid detrimental financial decisions.”

Diane S., Mission Viejo, CA